Balloon Event Decorations

There are hundreds of different style decorations and options to choose from for your event. Any of the designs pictured on the site can be modified to match any theme. We are great at replicating ideas on paper to real life. If you have any questions, just let us know. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Centerpieces or Floor Bouquets

Centerpieces and Floor Bouquets

*Standard 12inch balloons

*Floor bouquets are made 7.5 ft tall

- 2 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 6.00

- 3 Piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 8.00

- 4 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 11.00

- 5 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 14.00

- 7 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 18.00

- 9 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 22.00

- 10 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 24.00

- 11 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 26.00

- 13 piece centerpiece or floor bouquet= 29.00

             centerpiece balloons sizes             

Centerpiece Upgrades

- Printed latex balloon upgrade
  - $.50 per balloon upgrade

- Plain mylar balloon upgrade
  - $1.50 per plain mylar substitute

- Themed Mylar balloon upgrade
  - $3.50 per mylar substitute

- Personalized Mylar upgrade
  - $7.50 per mylar subsitute

- Stuffed latex balloon substitute
  - $2.50 per substitute

- 16'' latex balloon upgrade
  - $3.00 per substitute

- 16'' stuffed latex balloon upgrade
  - $5.00 per substitute

We Deliver!

Please choose your delivery options and include them in your cart.

big round balloon centerpieces

large clear confetti balloons with tassles
vinyl balloon mylar

We Now Deliver!

If you are looking for delivery don't forget to include the delivery fee listed below. Some items have delivery included in their prices, only when specified. Pick-up if available on smaller items and is available by appointment only. Arches do not qualify for free pickup due to their size. We do not offer pickup on weekends.

Balloon Centerpiece Sculptures

Fabric Backdrops and Fabric Draping

fabric balloon walls backdrops

Names, Numbers and letter balloons.

balloon 60

Giant Balloon Numbers and Letters

  Our 10ft numbers make an impression! These are self standing and go great for any yard.
Surprise your loved ones and have them wake up to a giant number at their door!
The first number or letter is 150.00 with deliery and install for Tallahassee.
Any additional number or letter is only 100.00 each.
These are great for milestones and annivaresaries as well as birthdays and corporate events.

Number of character
Delivery date/time
Letter(s) or number(s)

Rainbow balloon package rainbow table skirt balloon column party favors

Rainbow balloon package rainbow table skirt balloon column party favors

15 ft arch pink purple blue topiary centerpiees balloon package pre-made

winnie the pooh column tree honey pot centerpiece, rabbit, eor, piglet, tigger twisted balloon

flower arch column centerpiece pink purple wildberry balloon decorations

octopus balloon arch underwater theme columns bubbles seahorse

Heart centerpiece decorations large heart columns valentines centerpiece

mickey mouse and minnie mouse columns and centerpieces

flower arch centerpiece helium balloon column

balloon drop professional pull line boss balloons hall

Balloon Drop #218

The Balloon Drop is a fabulous addition to any event! These balloon drops require high ceilings and need to be installed prior to the event. Depending on the ceiling, additional charges may apply. Ceilings with accessible tie points and available ladders are included in the price below. Lots of balloon shapes can be substituted for a small charge including twisted animals. Contact for custom orders.

flower vase blue white clear balloon centerpiece table decorations

Flower Centerpiece #152

The Flower Centerpiece is a pretty centerpiece for any room. These look great and add life to the room. Pick-up by appointment only and delivery is only 15.00 and comes with a free note! Contact today to schedule and plan your gift:)

topiary balloon column garnet and gold table decorations

Mini Topiary Columns #210

The Topiary Columns are fun and beautiful. These go great in any setting. Try them near the cake tables, buffets, entrance ways, podiums, stages, VIP table, pictures and more. Rush delivery available when possible. Call today for your amazing decorations!

Sizes, Colors
large twisted ballon princess custom colors and character decorations

Giant Balloon Princess - 6' #212

The Balloon Princess is great for pictures and entrance ways. She is such a pleasure to have in the room, she creates her own festivities and the kids love them! We can make all kinds of princesses, fairies, ballerinas, custome dresses and more. Rush delivery available when possible. Call today for your amazing decorations!

balloon columns, pillars, towers, decorations rainbow, polka dot

Balloon Columns #209

The Balloon Columns are fast, fun and easy to install. These impressive columns are a lot of fun decorating entrance ways, corners, cake tables and more. They make a great display when used with several at a time. The standard default columns work best for indoor use. We have alternative construction methods for outdoor use columns, please specify your preference when ordering.
black gold helium centerpiece

Centerpieces #149

The Centerpieces go great on tables and really tie the room together. Colors, shapes, prints, styles and designs are all customizable. Call for details today.

gold, green balloon wall decorations, usf colors

Balloon Wall #206

The Balloon Wall is a great addition to any important event. These work great for the space behind a podium for speeches and make great back drops for pictures and ceremonies. These balloon walls come in all different kinds of styles and designs. Call today for your free quote.

pacifier baby balloon

Pacifier Helium Balloon #134

The Pacifier Balloon is super cute and a great piece to decorate the shower with or the hospital room. This cute little pacifiers comes in lots of colors and different baby designs. Call to reserve your date now!
heart bouquets

The Rattle Balloons #135

The Rattle Balloons are great for anti-paci mamas, these fun stuffed balloons are interesting and a great way to transform a room.

spring flower centerpiece

Spring Flower Centerpiece #136

These Spring Flower Centerpieces are a lot of fun, the spring colors are just beautiful. One of my favorite themes these centerpieces are fun, cute and adorable.
baby pacifier shower arch

Spring Flower Mini Column #141

The Spring Flower Mini Column is super cute to go with any event. Lining stages is super cute and putting in front of cake tables is a great way to decorate. These go great for doorways and other locations at your event.
Baby rattle arch

Filigree Stuffed Balloons #265

The Filigree Stuffed Balloons are so beautiful and come with hand cut tulle ribbon. I get so many compliments on these bouquets. They are absolutely gorgeous. Call today for your special colors and print!

spelling bee bouquet

Spelling Bee Bouquet #128

The Spelling Bee Bouquet is a lot of fun and really brightens up the place. These work well to liven the stage and work great at awards for winning participants.
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